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The know-how of 4 generation


In 1980, José da Costa, a man duriense already know, made ​​the fight and experience the wine Port wine and love with this beautiful area that fills his soul builds Fifth Carregosa.
His son, Serafim da Costa, was an extraordinary supporter and booster, both with their work and with their enthusiasm and pedagogy. Irene Maria Costa and Manuel Costa, daughter and grandson Serafim da Costa, inherit a past who continues with the same hard work and persistent.
The "blood" new Fernando Costa (winemaker), son of Manuel da Costa, with his youth, technical-scientific knowledge, with guts and deep taste the world of oenology, joins his father to continue the past, designing a future of excellence in the production and marketing of the brands of the Fifth Carregosa.
Strong investment in vineyards and equipment in recent years attests to the confidence and outlines objectives that owners have in your project.
Winemaker - Fernando Costa
Consultant Winemaker - Jorge Alves
 Assistant Winemaker - Elisabete Silva
Manager - Manuel Costa
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